Episode #031 – Innovation Lab 2017 Plans: Top 5


Thought clouds
Clouds from designkit.org

In this episode, we used another design kit method to help us prioritize and focus on our most important goals for the Innovation Lab this year which is coming up right around the corner in April down in New Orleans. Quick reminder that the early-bird registration ends on Feb. 8th, so don’t miss that! Anyway, the practice Ben, Steven and I are going to use today is called Top Five. You can find in the resource page of Designkit.org under the category of “How do I know if my idea is working?”

In the next 10 weeks before OLC Innovate this year, we are going to identify and explore further Design Kit methods as a way to expose, tinker with and evaluate the usefulness of these practices in conjunction with our continued planning for the 2017 Innovation Lab. In the next episode, Dr. Steven Crawford will be guiding us through some “How Might We” questions in light of our collective top 5 priorities identified in today’s episode. In the episode after that, Ben Scragg will be helping us to collaboratively define success for ourselves in the Innovation Lab. In episodes after that, the plan is that we will be continuing these and other methods with some of our top notch volunteers for the space this year.


  • Padlet wall where we collaborated in this episode on the Top 5 priorities


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